An ESG bubble on the rise?

The ESG finance has shown many signs of very strong market traction since the beginning of the year. And now, questions start to pop-up… “Is ESG overbought? Is it in bubble territory? “—these two relevant questions were asked as a reaction to the interesting publication of key investment themes by the Deutsche Bank Weath Management (centeredContinue reading “An ESG bubble on the rise?”

The reign of ESG funds quantity, and the signs of the times

According to the Novethic indicator, published last week, the offer of sustainable funds is massively growing in France, combined with an always more demanding retail market. This situation is not unique in Europe: the same trends are reflected in the national markets of countries such as Italy, Spain, or the United Kingdom, etc. The trendsContinue reading “The reign of ESG funds quantity, and the signs of the times”