Green, Sustainable, and Social Bonds

Thanks to our unique ESG impact rating methodology, included in our ESG Impact toolkit, we can provide emitters of Green Bonds, Sustainable Bond, or Social Bonds, with both a second opinion, and an ESG impact report of a fund.

Thematic funds and Sustainable Indices

More than 30 original funds concepts are proposed off-the-shelf, from our fund library, to bootstrap the design of innovative thematic Impact funds and sustainable Indices, and thus reducing their time-to-market.

Our collaborative and co-construction design process will allow you to fine-tune the funds and find the perfect fit with your business needs.

Impact Finance Consulting

Are you looking for a tailored ESG or Impact solution? Our sound expertise in Impact Finance, SRI, ESG, and CSR allows us to help you create tailored solutions, best fitted to your needs.

Asset manager, insurer, broker, corporation, city or local and national government: we will be thrilled to collaborate with you to design a solution addressing your business stakes.


To engage with emitters in order to improve their ESG performance is not an easy task, and we designed our Engagement solution with this challenge in mind, with 4 ways to better engage on ESG—through impact.

As a Responsible Investor, looking at the ESG impact performance can offer several, and non-exclusive approaches to improve your engagement process:

  • Identify a company’s ESG weaknesses and strengths among, for instance the 5P stakeholders, or 11 Smart ESG impact areas;
  • Track a company’s ESG impact progress;
  • Benchmark a company’s on ESG impact topics with peers within sub-industries, geographies…;
  • Target your engagement effort around impact themes: education, gender equality, health, infrastructure, etc.

Real Estate

Can Impact Real Estate move even further forward, beyond impact investing funds ? We believe so. We believe indeed that it is possible to go beyond social or environmental impact investing, which targets very interesting, but also very specific ESG outcomes, towards a global ESG impact investing, taking into account the whole ESG impacts of the Real Estate management industry. But how ? Several opportunities can be leveraged

  • First, the identification of the relevants ESG impact indicators for the Real Management industry and related activities (Construction, etc.)
  • Then, the measurement and tracking of the ESG performance of these ESG impact indicators, i.e. by measuring the ESG positive impact on the local communities;
  • Taking into account the Physical Risk linked to the climate change—which obviously is strongly geography-dependent;
  • Report the SDGs contribution and ESG impact for the Real Estate funds;
  • Engage with emitters to enhance their ESG perfomance on specific key ESG topics.


Credit: Photo of Frankfurt am Main by Mathias Konrath on Unsplash

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