ESG Regulations Reports

Our very purpose is to empower our customers with solutions to measure, manage, and report the ESG impact of their activities, in order to comply with sustainable regulations, and align with ESG/RI frameworks (EU Taxonomy, SFDR, NFDR, CSRD, ECB climate stress tests, UN SDGs, PRI…).

For instance, thanks to our ESG Impact toolkit, designed with the ESG regulations in mind, you can easily comply with the EU Taxonomy rules, applicable since January, 2022: measure the percentage of the eligibility at the EU Taxonomy of your company’s activity or investment portfolio, and its percentage of alignment with the taxonomy.

You can also quickly measure and report the DNSH (Do Not Significanlty Harm) impact for different areas, and key indicators for each ESG regulation.

ESG Impact Scorecards

Thanks to our methodology and datasets assets, the evaluation of the ESG impact on the society and the environment can be provided at the client portfolio level. The Client ESG Impact report contains, typically the client personal environmental and social impact (footprint), whose valuation is based on client’s portfolio; The contribution of the investment towards a positive ESG transition

ESG Impact scorecard sample

ESG impact rating datasets

Our ESG impact rating datasets offer many dimensions, through which the ESG impact of an emitter (companies, countries, regions, cities, real estate, etc.) can be evaluated, and thus better engaged, for a total of 48 scores:

  • 5P stakeholders’ impact: Planet, People, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnership;
  • 17 United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);
  • 11 Smart ESG Impact Areas: Infrastructure, Heath, Education, Governance, Energy and Environment, etc.;
  • Climate Change Mitigation, and Adaptation, including Physical Risks;Ranking in geographies, sub-industries, or income groups.

Countries ESG Impact Rating

The IMPACTIN® Countries ESG Impact Rating dataset solution is our Data Product providing 48 impact scores and their trends for 218 countries, identified by their ISO-3166 codes and names, i.e. 20,928 data points.

Territories Climate Change and Physical Risk Rating

Our Data Product provides 14 climate change and physical risk mitigation and adaptation scores and their trends for 1,554 territories, — countries, regions or cities (urban units) — identified by their ISO-3166 or TLs codes and names, i.e. 21,756 data points.


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