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Dawex, a leading data exchange technology company and the operator of the largest data marketplace, allows organizations to orchestrate data circulation by sourcing, monetizing and exchanging data securely and in full compliance with regulations. Today 10,000+ organizations from 20+ sectors rely on Dawex Data Exchange technology to build their data exchange strategy.

Datarade.ai, enables organizations to buy and monetize data in the most transparent, trusted, and efficient way – across the globe. Datarade mission is to democratize access to commercial datasets, making it easier than ever to buy and monetize data. Its powerful Data Commerce Platform helps data providers create delightful data shopping experiences for their prospects and customers. Key figures: 150+ Data Use Cases, 300+ Data Categories, and 2,000+ Data Providers.

Partners and networks

TechQuartier FinTech Community is based in Europe‘s financial center of Frankfurt. This hub is a cross-industry innovation platform created to bring startups, corporates and new talent together to work, meet, learn and collaborate on new technologies and digital business models. TQ community gathers 300 startups, 50 academic and corporate innovators and hundreds of potential founders. We joined TQ FinTech community in November 2020.

La Ruche is a network of incubators dedicated to Social entrepreneurship and innovation. La Ruche offers co-working solutions, incubation, networking and events, or partnerships with large groups. We joined the network “Les Ambitieuses — Tech For Good” after our selection as finalist in March 2020. We were not awarded, but this grant us the access to the network of women entrepreneurs and a quarterly follow-up with the team of La Ruche!

Interested to partner with us?

Do you want to distribute ours datasets through your own data platform or to leverage our ESG impact rating solutions for your business and customers ?

Feel free to contact us, and let’s discuss how to best partner in our mutual interest!

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