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Climate change solutions

We provide both Climate Change and Physical Risk rating scorecards and datasets (for countries, territories, and companies), which can both be used to assess the materiality of risk linked to the investment portfolios (geographies, nature of activities). As example, our Climate-Change Climate-Change and Physical Risk scorecard, displayed in the following figure, provides, for a specific Fixed Income fund:

  • The Physical Risk exposure of the fund to Cyclones, Drought, Flood, Tsunami, and Earthquake;
  • The Energy Mix related to the fund (shares of Fossil fuels, Nuclear, Coal, Renewable);
  • Climate Change and Physical Risk scores: Climate-Change score, Mitigation Score, Adaptation score, Physical risk score, Transition score.
  • The Climate Change and Physical Risk scores for every issuer in the portfolio,
  • etc.
IMPACTIN Climate Change and Physical Risk Rating Scorecard

Climate Change rating datasets

Our Territories Climate Change and Physical Risk Rating dataset provides 14 climate change and physical risk mitigation and adaptation scores and their trends for 1,554 territories, — countries, regions or cities (urban units) — identified by their ISO-3166 or TLs codes and names, i.e. 21,756 data point.

Scoring are EU taxonomy-compliant and available for the following dimensions:

  • Climate Change Mitigation;
  • Climate Change Adaptation;
  • Climate Change Transition;
  • Physical Risks.

Territories Climate Change and Physical Risk Rating


Interested in our Climate Change solutions?

Contact us, and we will be thrilled to arrange a webcast presentation for you of our climate change & physical risk rating methodologies, datasets, scorecards, and other products and services.

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