An ESG bubble on the rise?

The ESG finance has shown many signs of very strong market traction since the beginning of the year. And now, questions start to pop-up… “Is ESG overbought? Is it in bubble territory? “—these two relevant questions were asked as a reaction to the interesting publication of key investment themes by the Deutsche Bank Weath Management (centeredContinue reading “An ESG bubble on the rise?”

Is ESG Impact measurable?

A very recently pusbished HBR article, entitled “ESG Impact Is Hard to Measure — But It’s Not Impossible“, discusses the difficulty of measuring ESG impact. In the conclusions, it’s author, Jennifer Howard-Grenville, proposes three complementary concrete actions in order to go beyond the measure—which, today, might indeed be misleading due the aggregate confusion brought byContinue reading “Is ESG Impact measurable?”

Bloomberg, One Planet SWF Paris, and the rise of ESG integration to country risk

As the poet said, nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. And the two last weeks probably demonstrated that the time for ESG criteria integration into country rating might have come… Last week, we attended the One Planet Sovereign Wealth Funds initiative reception, being held in Paris, at the Shangri-La hotel,Continue reading “Bloomberg, One Planet SWF Paris, and the rise of ESG integration to country risk”