Impactin’ Singapore, the Lion City

After having spent in Singapore our first week of our activity, for our very first contract, we can tell that Singapore is certainly not a random destination when it comes to Sustainable Finance.

The City-State is indeed the 5th market in this domain in Asia (excl. Japan), with a share of 11%, after Malaysia, Hong-Kong, South-Korea, and China. The Fintech landscape is also very active, with a strong commitment of the Regulator to develop this domain—and, in effect, Singapore Fintech Festival SFF x SWITCH, is starting today for 5 days of financial innovation (11-15 Nov.).

Furthermore, the whole Asia Pacific region has become the world’s growth pole, with 40% of the global GDP in 2018—but is also contributing to 48% of the world’s total CO2 emissions, and is exceptionally exposed to climate change impacts: sea level rise, extreme weather, high temperatures, etc.

In this context, it is thus really worth noticing that Asia’s share (excl. Japan) only accounted for 0.2% of the global sustainably managed assets in 2016 (ie. USD 52bn vs. USD 23tn), i.e. for 0.8% of the Asian assets (excl. Japan), with a predominance of Sharia funds, representing a third.

Asia is thus a region with both serious ESG challenges, and with an incredible potential for transformation—and we, at IMPACTIN, hope to be contributing on it in the coming months!

Stay tuned,

— The IMPACTIN team is live! is live!

Our website is officially launched! Our newly incorporated company, Impactin, stands at the crossroad of Fintech, Insurtech, and Sustaintech.

We build unique and innovative ESG impact rating and investments analysis solutions to truly evaluate and manage the impact of investment, insurance, territories, or corporate activities.

More articles will soon be available, stay tuned!

— The Impactin team