2 years in Impact Finance

Happy birthday IMPACTIN! 2 years ago, we launched our venture in a field, Impact Finance, whose concept had barely emerged at the time, and was usually confused with, or assimilated to impact investing. We were used to call it ESG impact to differenciate our approach with traditional ESG rating approaches.

During these last two years we have seen the ESG finance moving from niche market to mainstream, with the rising risk of an ESG bubble and high level of greenwashing, due to a lack of relevant regulations and controls… in a market anchored in deprecated approaches, highly subjective and qualitative.

But with the (recent) emergence of agreed definitions of Impact Finance, and the associated necessity to demonstrate measurable, quantified impacts, this new approach to Sustainable Finance can provide a new paradigm, able to provide the end-investor with a clear understanding of its investment’ social and environmental impact.

With the birth and raising of Impact Finance, never before were our approach to quantified ESG impact and our motto, “Sustainable impact, measured“, more relevant.

Clearly, the Impact Finance market it still in its infancy… and IMPACTIN too: the best is yet to come. It will be a long road, so stay tuned !


Photo by Diego Jimenez on Unsplash

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