5 key points of France’s pioneering position in impact finance

Last Thursday, March 25, 2021, was held an event that—hopefully—inaugurates the positioning of France as a pioneer in scaling Impact Finance.

Entitled “Impact finance: fad or fundamental trend of sustainable finance?“, the event brought together around Bruno Le Maire—the French Minister of Economy, Finance and Recovery—leading players in this topic of major importance for the future of sustainable finance: Olivia Gregoire (Vice-President of the Finance Committee) and Thierry Déau (CEO of MERIDIAM).

Important announcements have been made, including, in particular, the following 5 key points, taken from the press release:

To address these topics, a dedicated working group, which will operate under the supervision of Finance For Tomorrow, was launched during this event.

  1. “Making Paris the world’s leading financial centre for impact finance”;
  2. Proposing a common definition of impact finance;
  3. Defining methodologies for measuring impact;
  4. Developing recommendations to ensure France’s leadership in sustainable finance and impact finance;
  5. Promoting existing expertise in the Paris financial center.

An initiative to closely monitor in 2021

This event strengthens our conviction that we were on the right track when, mid-2019, we oriented IMPACTIN, our FinTech/RegTech, on the measurement of the ESG impact of all types of issuers (countries, territories, cities, companies) and investments (portfolios, funds, indices), and also, in the choice of Paris as the headquarters of our company, now envisioned by the French government as the future central hub for impact finance.

Yes, it is essential to develop impact finance, and as a result to extend and generalize the concept of impact beyond its most frequent meaning, centered, today, on market niches: companies whose business model is built on the pursuit of a direct social or environmental impact.

It is with this idea in mind that we developed, at IMPACTIN, quantitative methodologies for measuring and rating the ESG impact ,applicable to both listed companies (or any company) or to bond issuers such as countries, regions or cities, in order to be eventually able to rate investment portfolios, funds or indices.

The government’s initiative is therefore to be closely monitored in 2021, and, in the meantime, as a French and Paris FinTech/RegTech, specializing in measuring and reporting the ESG impact of sustainable investments since 2019, we hope to be able to contribute in the coming months to discussions on these topics of general interest for the development of impact finance!


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