Celebrating one year of impact!

What a year… 12 months ago, we launched IMPACTIN with the mission of providing investors with a concrete measure of the ESG impact of their investment portfolios—and we did it!

After a first customer in Singapore, we continuously took feedback from the market and from our business leads in order to challenge our business vision, methodology, and impact products. This allow us, after some pivots, to identify the proper market needs, and regulatory opportunities, and we validated the feasibility of a quantitative impact scoring approach based on Smart ESG Data.

Our products portfolio now includes both impact scoring datasets and impact scorecards. Our impact scoring datasets, already available on DAWEX, cover the following emitters:

These impact score datasets allowed us to develop several on-demand impact scorecards:

Along the path, we also participated in the jury of the South Europe Startup Awards (SESA), and we had the pleasure of having been shortlisted in several startup awards:

Participating to startups and entrepreneurs’ competitions is indeed a good way to get additional feedbacks on our startup pitch and business model, and the occasion to network.

Launching a business is always challenging, but probably even more in a context of worldwide pandemic with months spent in lockdown… but it was the occasion for us to focus on our product roadmap and R&D—and it allowed us to deliver several innovative products in a record time.

The COVID-19 crisis also exacerbated the awareness on the required transition toward an impactful finance. Today, the European Commission confirmed that no delay will be granted to asset managers to comply with the incoming Sustainable Finance “disclosure regulation” which will require to measure and disclose the ESG impact of investment portfolios, funds, or indexes—Are you not ready ? Don’t worry: we are.

Credit: Photo by Angèle Kamp on Unsplash

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