Portfolio ESG Impact scorecard—the IMPACTIN way

Are you an Asset Manager or an investor wanting to understand the real impact of your fixed income or equity portfolio ? Or maybe do you want to measure the physical risk and mitigation or transition impact of your Real Estate portfolio ? Do you need to measure the alignment of your portfolio vis-à-vis the 17 SDGs ?

Then the whole IMPACTIN team is pleased to announce the launch of our Portfolio ESG Impact & Climate Change Scorecard to you. We designed this scorecard to provide both the positive or negative ESG impact of a portfolio through several dimensions, and provides physical risk, climate mitigation and adaptation scores.

The following ESG performance scores are provided for any scored portfolio, with their associated trends:

  • ESG impact rating scores (x4);
  • ESG Smart Areas scores (x11): Infrastructure, Building, Education, etc.
  • SDG alignment scores (x18);
  • 5P scores (x6) — where 5P stands for Planet, People, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnership;
  • Climate Change scores (x5): Mitigation, Adaptation, Physical Risks and Transition score;
  • Rating class (AAA – D).

It allows both to benchmark a portfolio vis-à-vis market indexes and funds, to promote your fund impact performances respectively to other competitors, and clearly disclose your funds ESG impact to your end customers.

Please contact us for detailled information, discussion and samples!

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