Climate Change and Physical Risk scored for 1554 territories featured in IMPACTIN last dataset

The IMPACTIN Countries and Territories Climate Change and Physical Risk Mitigation and Adaptation Rating dataset is our new Data Product available on the DAWEX data marketplace.

Our Climate Change Adaptation and Climate Change Mitigation ratings are based on guidelines from the EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities framework and the EEA, on both topics. The EEA is the European Environment Agency of the European Union.

Climate Change Mitigation means the reduction or prevention of the emissions linked to human activities, such as, e.g., CO2 and GHG, or fluorinated gases (F-gases), whereas the Climate Change Adaption regards actions to adapt to the impacts of climate change, already happening: flooding, droughts, sea level rise, wild fires, rainfall patterns alteration, etc.

Climate change is already happening […] This leads to many adverse impacts on ecosystems, economic sectors, and human health and well-being. Therefore, actions to adapt to the impacts of climate change are paramount and should be tailored to the specific circumstances in different parts of Europe

— European Environment Agency

This dataset provides 14 climate change and physical risk scores and trends for 1554 territories, i.e. countries, regions or cities, for a total of 21,756 data points. The following numbers of territories are covered:

  • 200+ countries,
  • 650+ regions,
  • 600+ cities (urban areas).

The scores and data included in the dataset provide the following information, for each territory featured:

  • Territory general information: code, name, country, population, geographical coordinates, etc.;
  • Climate Change score;
  • Climate Change Mitigation score;
  • Climate Change Adaptation score;
  • Physical Risks score: exposure to natural hazards such as flood, droughs, tsunami, etc.;
  • Climate Change Transition score;
  • Rank in territory group (countries, regions, cities);
  • Rating class.

The associated data theme is available on the DAWEX marketplace, feel free to contact us for a sneak peek at the data offer online: dataset content, samples, dataset structure, cities and regions coverage maps!

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