IMPACTIN Countries ESG Impact rating available on the DAWEX data marketplace

Our core business is to measure the ESG impact for the Sustainable Finance needs, and to this end we just released our countries ESG impact rating for the first quarter of 2020.

The IMPACTIN Countries ESG Impact Rating dataset contains 48 impact scores and their trends, for 218 countries, i.e. a total of 20,928 data points organized in 8 domains:

  • ESG Impact ratings;
  • 5P ratings — Planet, People, Prosperity, Peace, Partnership,
  • Environment Smart Areas ratings;
  • Social Smart Areas ratings;
  • Governance Smart Areas ratings;
  • Transition ratings;
  • 17 SDGs Contribution ratings;
  • Groups ratings (economical and geographical groups).

The dataset comes with a 200+ pages-long Countries ESG Impact Profiles report, and is now available on the DAWEX data marketplace — see our company page and data themes for more details, and feel free to contact us for access on more information on our data offers.

The DAWEX platform is a leading and multi-awarded data marketplace, allowing a totally secure and scalable data exchange.

A unique countries ESG rating on the market

The IMPACTIN Countries ESG Impact Rating dataset offers many advantages vis-à-vis other market offers available:

  • 218 countries featured — i.e. 20% to 65% more countries than market competitors
  • 87% of ISO Countries covered
  • 100% of larger sovereign bonds emitters covered
  • 7 Geographical Regions 100% covered
  • 4 Income Groups 100% covered
  • 20,928 indicators (scores and trends)
  • ESG impact scores vs. ESG risk scores
  • Indicators-based vs. criteria-based
  • Quantitative, objective, and repeatable approach vs. qualitative and subjective rating
  • Quarterly updates vs. Yearly
  • 218 Country ESG Impact profiles featured in a report
  • Pre-filtered geographical regions and income groups ratings, and associated geographical maps.

The case for an ESG impact rating of countries

After decades of experience in the field of extra-financial evaluation, CSR, SRI and Sustainable Finance in general, we were not satisfied with the solutions available on the market: we found there too much subjectivity, a heterogeneous quality in the ratings, a too long duration between the updates, a risk-based approach not aligned with the necessity to track and demonstrate the real impact of an investment, etc.

Investing for sustainability impact is the new frontier for responsible investment, with a stronger focus on how investment decisions have real world impact on ESG factors over financial materiality

— PRI CEO, Fiona Reynolds, Dec. 2019

For the here above reasons, we decided to craft our own approach: after months of research and development we ended with our proprietary methodologies of ESG Impact rating, for countries, territories and cities, listed companies, and investment portfolios: IMPACTIN was born, with the vision that Impact Investment is the next step for Sustainable Finance, and that high-quality Impact ratings are required to fuel the development of the growing Impact Investment landscape.

The IMPACTIN Countries ESG Impact Rating dataset solution is one of our ESG Impact Rating dataset solutions, providing 48 impact scores and their trends for 218 countries, allowing to individualize the impact of countries through many dimensions: Smart Infrastructures, Smart Health, Prosperity, Climate Change Transition, contribution to the 17 SDGs, etc.

We have several other data products on their way, which will be released in the coming weeks — stay tuned!

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