IMPACTIN joins Tech For Good France

Tech For Good France is the French network of entrepreneurs and investors involved in the delopment and financing of technological and digital solutions fostering the transition towards a more sustainable and responsible society.

We are delighted to announce that our application to join the network has recently been accepted, and that IMPACTIN is thus now an official member of the association! and we take the opportunity to thank the members of the board for that.

Since our ESG Impact rating approach is rooted in Sustainable and Responsible Finance expertise, leveraged thanks to Data and Digital technologies, it seemed natural to become part of a network of doers and investors sharing the same interests.

Let’s hope that in the aftermath of the Covid pandemics, we will collectively choose to deflect the course of our society towards Sustainability, and Sustainable Finance more particularly — and the Tech For Good, i.e. the positive and responsible use of technology for the society and the environment, can probably be a key to unlock this future.

We are eager to meet the members, and start to network, and get feedback, for the greater good! Stay tuned!

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