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Impactin stands at the crossroad of Fintech, Insurtech, and Sustaintech: we build unique and innovative ESG impact rating and investments analysis solutions to truly evaluate and manage the impact of investment, insurance, territories, or corporate activities.

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Impact investments

Our innovative portfolio impact scorecard allows to score the positive or negative ESG impact of a portfolio though several dimensions, including SDGs alignment, and provides physical risks, climate mitigation and adaptation scores.

Climate Change & Physical Risk rating

Our rating dataset provides 14 climate change scores, including mitigation, adaptation, and physical risk rating, and their trends for 1,300+ territories (regions, cities), 200+ countries, and 5,000+ listed companies.

Territories impact rating

Thanks to our SMART indicators combined with our proprietary methodology, the real ESG impact of a country is captured: positive or negative impact on the society, complemented by social and environmental transition rating. More than 1500+ territories impact & transition ratings are already available in our database.

Companies impact rating

Our rating dataset solution is provides 48 impact scores and their trends for 5,000+ companies, identified by their ISIN codes and names. It includes: 5 types of ratings (ESG, Smart Areas, 5P, Transition, SDGs), 13 ESG Smart Areas scored, sub-industry ratings, etc.

Impact label & assessment

Is your company a Company-for-Good ? What is the real ESG impact of the activities of your company on the society, and the environment ? The answers to those questions are provided by our Company Impact Assessment and Labelling solutions, rooted in a quantitative impact assessment methodology —“Sustainable impact, measured”: That’s our motto

Thematic impact funds

More than 30 original funds concepts are proposed off-the-shelf, from our fund library, to bootstrap the design of innovative thematic Impact funds, and thus reducing their time-to-market. Our collaborative and co-construction design process will allow you to fine-tune the funds, and find the perfect fit with you business needs.

Impact insurance

How to assess the ESG risks of a company vis-à-vis the insurance policies? Impactin ESG risk assessment for insurance policies underwriting is our solution to this problem — and the first of its kind on the market. Our unique solution includes an explicit ESG risks mapping of 28 ESG risks domains for 158 sub-industries (i.e. business activities).

Meet our team

Franca, Co-founder of Impactin
― Franca, Co-founder

Franca is an International expert in ESG Impact rating, CSR, and SRI, with 20 years of experience — and one of the pioneers in France. As Head of SRI for large Asset Managers, she designed SRI methods used to manage up to €40bn.

Emanuela, Co-founder of Impactin
― Emanuela, Co-founder

Quantitative financial analysis has no secret for Emanuela, a senior financial analyst with 30 years of experience in large corporations. She is also in charge of the Italian market.

Stephen, Co-founder of Impactin
― Stephen, Co-founder

Having one foot in the Environmental & Earth sciences, and the other in both FinTech and Digital platforms engineering, Stephen contributes to define our technical vision on quantitative SMART Data analysis, automation, API and business platform strategy.

Your transition towards sustainable business impact starts here.

Key products metrics


Territories scored on Climate Change and Physical risks: 687 region from 48 countries, and 649 cities (urban areas)


Countries rated and ranked thanks to our proprietary, unique and innovative impact rating method.


Smart KPIs , carefully selected and benchmarked by our experts to craft our impact assessment method, the first one on the market truly measuring ESG impact.


Sub-industries mapped with their Key ESG impact areas.


ESG Impact domains evaluated through our unique methodology for each one of the 158 sub-industries.


Impact investment themes available in our off-the-shelf funds library, ready to be customized to your needs

Looking for a tailored ESG or Impact solution?

Our sound expertise in CSR, SRI, ESG, and Impact rating allows us to help you create tailored solutions, best fitted to your needs.

Asset manager, insurer, broker, corporation, city or local and national government: we will be thrilled to collaborate with you to design a solution addressing your business stakes.

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Impactin solutions measure the impact of human organizations’ activities, and deliver impact monitoring, or investment solutions, to help you achieve your sustainable development goals.

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