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ESG Regulatory Solutions

We empower finance institutions, companies, and territories with solutions to measure, manage, and report the ESG impact of their activities, in order to comply with sustainable regulations, and align with ESG/RI frameworks (EU Taxonomy, SFDR, NFDR, CSRD, ECB climate stress tests, UN SDGs, PRI…)

EU Taxonomy, SDGs, SFDR, Climate-Change, NFRD, and ESG Impact, scored and reported

ESG Regulatory reporting

EU Taxonomy

Easily comply with the EU Taxonomy rules, applicable since January, 2022: measure the percentage of the eligibility at the EU Taxonomy of your company’s activity or investment portfolio, and its percentage of alignment with the taxonomy.


Quickly measure and report the DNSH (Do Not Significanlty Harm) impact for different areas, and key indicators for each ESG regulation.

ECB Climate Risk Stress Test

Identify the ESG risks, and measure the ESG impacts for your business activities for short/medium/long term, and measure their alignment with the ECB scope 3.

UN 17 SDGs

All 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SGDs) are covered by our unique ESG impact scoring methodologies, and featured in our datasets and scorecards. Our ESG Impact rating datasets provides thus 17 SDGs contribution scores for each security, plus a global UN SDGs contribution score.

ESG Impact Data APIs

Our ESG Impact rating data can easily be integrated offline or in real-time, thanks to our various datasets’ plain file formats, ESG Data APIs, or Data distribution platforms network.

Towards a sustainable and impactful finance .

Key products metrics


Territories scored on Climate Change and Physical risks: 687 region from 48 countries, and 649 cities (urban areas)


Countries rated and ranked thanks to our proprietary, unique and innovative impact rating method.


Smart KPIs , carefully selected and benchmarked by our experts to craft our impact assessment method, the first one on the market truly measuring ESG impact.


Sub-industries mapped with their Key ESG impact areas.


ESG Impact domains evaluated through our unique methodology for each one of the 158 sub-industries.


Impact investment themes available in our off-the-shelf funds library, ready to be customized to your needs


Listed companies rated on ESG impact

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Impactin solutions measure the ESG impact of human organizations’ activities, and deliver impact monitoring, or investment solutions, to help you achieve your sustainable development goals, and comply with ESG regulations.

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